Saturday, October 30, 2010

3000+ Pilot fight today

Biggest fight ever in EVE Online, I tried to get there, but the lag was so horrible, I couldn't get close.

Inside reports say that Iridium Plaza will fall early this morning. I'll do my best to get there safely.


  1. I'd love to put a newbies guide to Eve together mate. I've never played it but it just seems absolutely astonishing that it isn't far from real life with actual politics involved and whatnot.

  2. Wow that sounds awesome. I'd love to get into eve, wouldn't know where to start though,.

  3. Yeah Rembrandx, it's complicated as hell x.x
    A guy came up with a 400+page guide to making money in the game, called "EVE's Black Book", and he gave me a first look at it. Beautiful stuff. You have no idea how much negotiation is involved in this game...
    Well, I'll put up a blog about this 21 day trial I can give out, give it a shot yourself, and if you buy a month of it, I get a free month as well :D